Article 1: Object
The landlords give to the tenant, who agrees, a villa for 8 people or 4 people located in Aiguebelle, with communal swimming pool.
The 8-person villa comprises: entrance, front terrace, living room, kitchen, rear terrace,
2 bedrooms with air conditioning (2 + 4 pers) and covered sea view terrace and 1 metzannine (2 pers) with air conditioning,
Rear terrace with shower, bathroom 1 with WC shower, bathroom 2 with WC shower-bath, hall with washing machine, The house has a capacity of max, 8 tenants.
Apartment 4 people: WC, bathroom with shower, 1 st floor bedroom 2 pers. 2 beds with air conditioning,
ground floor bedroom 2 pers. 1 bed, air conditioning, terrace. Max 4 pers. , kitchenette with seating area,

The tenant declares to get the property in good condition, as described in the description of the place,
of the rented property for which the tenant explicitly acknowledges having taken cognizance of this.
The tenant undertakes to return the villa to the landlords at the end of the lease
as described in the location description.

Article 2: Destination
The house is rented out for personal use, as a second residence for the tenant (holiday residence).
The tenant hereby expressly declares that he does NOT use the rented property as his principal residence.
The pursuit of trade and industry or of professional activities of any kind are expressly excluded
and can only be admitted after written agreement from the landlords.
If the tenant fails to comply with this obligation, the landlords will regard this as a serious shortcoming
on behalf of the tenant, for which the termination of the agreement can be claimed.
Moreover, even if they do not claim the cancellation, the landlords are entitled to compensation,
this includes all additional taxes to which the lessors are obliged by the mere fact that the rented property
a professional activity is exercised.
This compensation must be added to other compensation, including the termination compensation.

Article 3: Duration
The minimum duration of the lease is 7 days.

The rental agreement ends automatically and without prior notice by the tenant or the landlords,
upon expiration of the duration stipulated by the parties in this agreement.

Article 4: Transfer of rent and sublease
The tenant is forbidden to transfer his lease in whole or in part without explicit written permission
from the landlords.
Only the persons included in the list of names on the contract may stay in the home during the stay period.

Article 5: Changes – Alterations
The tenant is not permitted to carry out changes, renovations or refurbishments.
The furniture must also remain in its original position. The garden furniture can be placed on the sun terrace.

Article 6: Maintenance and repairs
The tenant must report and pay for all broken and torn windows and mirrors.
The lessor replaces this damage with others of the same quality and value,
even if the damage was caused by unforeseen circumstances.
The tenant is also responsible for all damages that would occur during his stay.

Article 7: POOL
The landlord is not responsible for possible accidents. Children must always be accompanied by an adult.
Mandatory safety law: the entrance gate at the height of the swimming pool closes at all times (as a safety for the children).
Showering, taking a foot bath, and adapted swimwear are mandatory and contribute to the general hygiene of the swimming pool.
Avoid eating, drinking and smoking around the pool at all times.

Article 8: Rental price
The rental prices can be found on the respective pages: Villas and Studio .
For the air conditioners in the bedrooms a general amount is charged for consumption, with extreme use we charge an extra amount,

At the conclusion of this lease, the tenant must pay an advance of 30% on the total rent.
The date of payment of the advance and signing of the contract means that the agreement is valid from that day.
The balance must be settled one month prior to the lease (start of the rental date).
When the rent or any other compensation to which the tenants are obliged under this agreement,
has not been paid at the scheduled time, the landlords are legally entitled to an interest equal to the legal interest rate.

Article 9: Rental charges
Costs for water and electricity are included in the rent. In the event of abnormal use, compensation will be claimed.
The lessor takes care of all taxes and duties, whatever their origin,
with which the rented property was or will be charged by the State, the province, the region or the municipality or the local government.

Article 10: DEPOSIT
The tenant undertakes to guarantee his obligations, one month in advance, before the start of the rental period.
to make a transfer as a guarantee to the landlords, villa 8 people 500 euros,
For the 4-person house the deposit is 200 euros,
The landlords may for any claim due to full or partial non-compliance with the obligations of the tenant
claim this amount deposited.
After the landlord has determined that everything is in order, this deposit is released
and the amount transferred back to the tenant’s account.

Article 11: Cancellation
If the tenant does not move into the rented property, the rent remains acquired to the landlords.
If the tenant does not pay the rent in accordance with art. 8 then the landlords are entitled to put the villa back for rent.
If the villa cannot be rented back on time, it is at the risk of the tenant.

Article 12: General maintenance of the building
Subject to the prior written agreement of the landlords, the tenant may not use the roof or the facade,
neither to put anything on it, nor to put anything against it, a fortiori not to rent it out or to use it.
Barbecue: The villa is equipped with a barbecue.
The tenant bears the full risk of use. The tenant must take all precautions to avoid the fire risk.
The rented property must be left clean, if this is not the case, cleaning costs will be charged.
See rate end cleaning.

Article 13: Right of visit
The tenant must at all times grant permission to the landlords when they wish to come and see the property.

Article 14: Noise pollution
The tenant must take into account local residents and tenants of the other holiday homes.
It is forbidden to make night noise.
The landlord can at all times withhold the guarantee to pay any damages to third parties.

Article 15: GENERAL
The tenant treats the home like a good man, takes care of furniture, appliances, etc.
and monitors the economic use of water and electricity.